At the Tokyo Tower

Here’s one of my photos of Privvi by the Tokyo Tower. I had no idea what this red and white tower was and had to do a quick google to check. I’ve never looked at the key landmarks in Tokyo before and always imagined it as a sea of neon lights and buildings, void of green spaces. It seems this isn’t the case (inevitably). I’ve also got some great shots of the ‘Bullet train’ at the station. I’m very pleased and my plan seems to be coming together well.

The shots of Privvi at the harbour in front of Sydney Opera House arrived this morning. They’re great. They were taken by my friend Fiona who I knew from school and Art college. Her office overlooks the harbour (which is handy) and she tried a shot of Privvi in the toilet looking out of the window. It didn’t work out but it was worth trying. Certainly apt to have Privvi in the loo.

I’m aiming for London, Prague and Berlin next. I keep wondering if I’m just doing this for fun as a personal venture but I guess there are worse things to do. I need to focus and make good use of these images.

Published by AnnaH

My name's Anna and I decided to write a blog following an accident last year. I will never regain the full use of my right hand and an operation led to additional, ongoing complications. This is about my struggles following the accident and the challenges of trying to save the use I still have in my hand. It’s a story about my product and why it appeared in my head one day because of my traumatic experiences. How I took that positive vision and worked towards bringing it to life. The challenges of putting it together and getting it to the market whilst still undergoing debilitating, ongoing treatment. It's a journey you can share with me. I'm not there yet...

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