A positive perspective

I was sent the link to this video earlier in the week and felt quite inspired and humbled by it – her positivity and outlook on her life is amazing. It’s helpful to gain this perspective and to appreciate what I do have in terms of the use of my hand. A friend, who isContinue reading “A positive perspective”

Yellow is the colour…

With Easter coming and all the Daffodils out in bloom, it seemed apt to make a video with something pretty and yellow. So the other weekend, when it was warm and sunny, I enlisted the help of my trusted media assistant (my teenage daughter!) to help me make a new Privvi video. I’m running someContinue reading “Yellow is the colour…”

A little encouragement goes a long way…

I’ve always been quite a reserved, measured person, sometimes to a fault, until recently. My recent experiences have made me push myself beyond my comfort zone and reach out more. It’s been good for me, in many ways, including my work. Reading my blog homepage you can see it was my son’s encouragement that ledContinue reading “A little encouragement goes a long way…”

Privvi’s first retail outing

Last Friday I dropped my first display unit of Privvi at a local Farm shop. They sell fresh food and have a deli but they also have a small gifts and homewares section. I might stop by and see how the little boxes are doing – it’s funny but I do have an emotional attachmentContinue reading “Privvi’s first retail outing”

Mother’s Day present

This is my Mother’s Day present this year which I’m quite excited about. It’s really for all of us but Mother’s Day provided a good excuse to buy it. So the fire pit and the champagne it is. Lovely. My plan is that we light up tomorrow evening, wrap up really warm and sit outContinue reading “Mother’s Day present”