The unusual hitchhiker

I picked up a hitchhiker on Thursday morning. He said he needed to go but he wasn’t sure where. As he’d been caught short and was feeling a bit flushed, I thought I’d better offer him a seat. He was grateful for the lift as he hadn’t had to spend a penny.   I’m goingContinue reading “The unusual hitchhiker”

Feeling the strain

My operation’s now 2 weeks tomorrow and just 15 days away. I’m counting and beginning to feel the strain of what is about to happen. As I mentioned before, because the first operation failed, the surgeon will have to cut and remove a small section of tendon from my inner wrist. Apparently we have aContinue reading “Feeling the strain”

If at first you don’t succeed…

I had the good fortune of seeing and capturing this moment of a mother duck with her ducklings yesterday. It was captivating and everyone around stopped to watch this delightful entertainment. The ducklings got there in the end after a few attempts. Thought one was going to get left behind. Life lesson – if atContinue reading “If at first you don’t succeed…”

Who needs a haircut?

I thought of this idea yesterday and photographed it today – this is actually my hair with me leaning forward over the Privvi box. I was aiming for Cousin It meets Mr Mullet and I think it just about works! I’m fortunate that I’ve long hair that simply got longer during lockdown and could doContinue reading “Who needs a haircut?”