Not for the squeamish…

I unexpectedly got my hand back today and I’m going to show you on this video. It’s not looking too wonderful but I can start using it again. I need to do some physio work and massage my wrist to get everything moving again. It’s still quite stiff and a bit sore. It’s not perfect but it’s a big step forward.

We’re going to a festival

When I first thought of the idea of Privvi I realised its potential for use at events, particularly at things like festivals and those which involve camping. This was really appealing to me as I enjoy this kind of thing (even though I don’t seem to find the time to do it much these days). It seems inevitable that even decent toilets aren’t in the best state after a few uses at a festival – it seems to be part of the course.

I’m excited about going – it will be good to see if people buy Privvi but also great to be there and join in with the event. I’ll need to mask up and be careful. I don’t think many festivals get a trader request to be next to the toilets and I hope it’s not stinky!

Obsessed with toilets

My family find it weird that everywhere we visit I now go on the hunt for toilets. It’s confusing to me as, in my mind, it’s actually quite obvious that I’d want to check out the loos and the more extreme or different, the better. I found this fabulous Art Deco toilet on the beachfront at the weekend. The building exterior was so striking I forgot to look inside.

My hand is driving me crazy. It’s 4.5 weeks now and my hand feels so uncomfortable and sometimes sore in the heat. I washed my hand properly for the first time in a bowl of warm water yesterday. My thumb looks like a dead sausage but at least it’s less swollen and bruised than before and I don’t have to look at it when the splint and bandage are on.

Fish ‘n’ chips

I’d like to live closer to the sea. There’s something about the coast I find calming. Maybe one day I will but I’ll make do with visiting for now.

I’m on my way to the coast at this moment. Typically English experience – stuck in a traffic jam in the rain. The only positive is that Run DMC ‘It’s like that’ is playing on the radio and I haven’t heard it for years.

I’m looking forward to fish and chips and seeing the sea when we finally get there. I’ve just realised it’s National fish and chip day today so it’s good timing.

My left hand

I’m really proud of my left hand as I’ve been able to carry on doing a lot of things and it’s worked well. I think it’s because I’ve had to use it so much more over the past couple of years. As you can see – my writing isn’t too bad and fairly legible.

I did have a bit of a mishap yesterday as I’d become over-confident and the chicken casserole I was trying to lift out of the oven ended up a bit splatted on the floor. I’d over-estimated how strong my left hand and arm is compared to my right and I just couldn’t quite lift it out. I sort-of dropped it to the floor so we ended up with sauce everywhere and an escaped piece of chicken. Quite a mess and it took a while to clean up. We washed the chicken and stuck it back in the sauce so no harm done!

Toilet sign kitsch

I’m writing late as it was my friend’s garden party yesterday and having got home in the early hours, today has been very slow. I didn’t wear my super-sized foam arm for dancing but I put it on at the end to wave goodbye as I went to get in a taxi (in a slightly comical and melodramatic fashion).

I spotted this toilet sign and thought I would share. I like the fact it is so different to conventional toilet signs and very kitsch and retro. It reminds me of an old-fashioned classic film like Casablanca.

Seeing the light of things

One really good thing about writing my blog is that it makes me look for the humour as well the positives in my day. I’ve not had a good day but found myself wondering what to write and thinking of an idea that has made me see a situation in a much brighter and entertaining light.

My friend is having a garden party this weekend (for a significant birthday) and people have rallied around to help with various things. Since I’m not fully able-bodied these toilet signs are my contribution – quirky but gratefully received.

Apparently there’s dancing and I’ve decided to take my super-sized foam arm just in case. I think this might be a source of amusement for some (who will probably want a go wearing it). I may take sharpies so people can draw on it. A souvenir from the evening. I need to take it steady as I’m often one of the first on the dance floor and a very enthusiastic dancer (normally).

To wee beside the sea

I went to the Suffolk coast on Saturday to deliver Privvi samples and to drop some display units and boxes into as many shops as I can. It’s now in another four shops and I’ve some potential leads which is great. I got a lift there and the train back as I can’t drive. I managed surprisingly well with one hand, a wheelie case and my bags.

I was quite excited to see portaloos along the beach front in Aldeburgh and started taking lots of photos (think a few people wondered what I was doing). Thought I was going to get great interior shots of a dirty portaloo but amazingly these were spotlessly clean and full of loo roll. There was a car festival going on that morning so I think they’d been smartened up and prepared for the occasion. Even the mayor was there (not that he’d use a portaloo)

Summer ahead

I love this photo. It was taken on the sand dunes in April. It’s hard to imagine that sunshine when it seems to have rained all of this week. Apparently we’ve sun ahead and June is due to be warm. That would be welcome and I’m hoping the next four weeks will go quickly.

My stitches came out today and I saw my hand and wrist for the first time. It looked as disgusting as expected but the verdict is good and everything’s gone to plan. It’s hard to tell what the scars on my wrist might look like. Although I was reassured they’d be fine it was hard to tell due to the bruising and the pen marks from the operation. I’ve noticed, for both my ops, that the surgeon draws an arrow pointing to where the procedure is just before the anaesthetic is administered. This is odd and I wonder why they do that. In case they forget where they’re operating?