To the max

My accident has changed my attitudes to some things and I feel quite resolved to making the most of every opportunity I can now, especially in terms of work. This is good and bad as I’m finding myself increasingly busy.

I now have five Privvi events lined up for this summer and as well as the work around the product I now design and edit a fitness magazine every month. I really enjoy that and it’s been brilliant to get back to editorial work.

I’m interviewing for a part time role (just 1o hours per week) with a friend’s educational training business so things may get even busier. Finding the time and head space to write my blog can be tricky so I’ve decided to take a bit of pressure off and scale it down to 1, maybe 2 posts a week. I’m aiming for Fridays plus I’ll also post if I’ve time or want to share something special. I won’t stop – I’d miss it too much!

Refresh your day?

Thought I’d share this delicious drink with you – it says ‘refresh your day’ on the bottle. Yes – it IS a drink (and not swampy frog spawn water). It’s lemongrass with Basil seed and we’re going to try it later.

A Japanese friend took me to a shop selling world foods today (I’m very fond of Japanese fare) and the place was full of all sorts of fascinating delights. Amongst more sensible purchases I bought a packet of dried fish snacks that I’m going to serve to friends this Saturday. They’re actually small, round whole dried fish covered in sesame seeds. Delicious and crunchy? Hoping I’m brave enough to eat one.

Making great progress with festival bookings. I’ll give an update later in the week.

Hello from Henley

Early post today as I have to go to hospital for an X-ray and Mri scan on my hip (luckily it held up for Saturday). Here’s a promo video I managed to do – it was sunny for most of the day then rained heavily for about half an hour. Apparently the man selling plastic rain ponchos (at £5 each) made a grand! Had a really great day and a it was the perfect place for a test run to start us off.

Looking up at the sky

The light is just fading as it turns to dusk. Work-wise the festival today wasn’t great but it was SO good to get out and be (socially distanced) amongst people again. Here’s our stand and it looked great (emoji poos provided entertainment – esp when they flew off). Great atmosphere and lovely day (plus we did make some sales).

At this moment I’m looking up at the sky sitting listening to music from our Privvi stand but this photo really doesn’t do it justice.

Waterless toilets

I was thinking about the concept of toilets yesterday and wondering if we may entirely change this convention and invent a completely different way of doing things. If you think about astronauts, for example, they have to pee into a bag as gravity has other plans for its content.

So I Googled this idea today and funnily enough, this is what I found: Bill Gates, no less, attending a convention entirely dedicated to re-inventing the toilet. Actually, if you read it, toilet hygiene (or lack of it) can be fatal so it’s important. I was glad to see that someone is on the case already. Who knows what the future will hold for us.

Festival tomorrow – I may post at the weekend and show you photos – if I can.

Helium-filled, inflatable poo

You’re probably wondering what this is? It’s shiny, floats in the air and is about half a metre wide. Any ideas?

Quick post tonight as I’m working flat out to get my work done and everything sorted for the festival Saturday. This is my prize acquisition and I have four of them. In case you were wondering – they are helium-filled poo emoji balloons and I can’t wait to see them floating above the stand!


Next Thursday I’m in hospital all day for a procedure called a Durolane injection under general anaesthetic. It’s a bit like WD40 for human joints and contains Hyaluronic acid which (apparently) naturally improves the function and eases the discomfort of a damaged or arthritic joint.

Although my hip has eased since last week I’m seeing the doctor Thursday to check it’s OK to go ahead as planned. I’m hoping this this injection will buy me some extra time (my hip was damaged in my accident and although I’m quite young, I’ve been told I’ll need a replacement soon).

I found myself saying the other day that ‘my body was just a casing that my brain lived in’. It’s an interesting theory that the two could be separate but in reality they are complexly interwoven. I am, however, trying to look at this next step objectively – as maintenance. Hand’s doing well so that’s one thing nearly fixed!

Dealing with pain

I try to keep my blog upbeat but I’m going to tell it like it is today rather than not writing. I had to buy these crutches as my hip has started causing such intense pain that I need to keep my weight off it until I see the consultant next week. The treatment I was supposed to have was delayed due to my hand. I’m currently limping about the house yelping occasionally when it catches. This sound is quite extreme and animal-like but I can’t actually control it.

It’s difficult to process this intense new pain given what I’ve just been through with my hand. Over the past two years I’ve experienced more pain than I have in my entire life and I seem to be struggling to escape from it.

I did a quick bit of research on the subject of how pain affects our bodies and minds. It isn’t good – prolonged pain can cause increased heart and breathing rates and muscle tension leading to other complications. Psychologically it can be carnage. I’m trying not to think about it – need to hold tight, look forward and deal with it. I may spend my first festival on crutches but I’ll face that when it happens.

A venture into social media

When I was growing up social media didn’t exist. In fact people only started using email when I was in my late teens, at a point the WWW was seen as ground-breaking. I’m not confident with social media and I’ve had to learn fast over the past year – especially to build my Facebook and Instagram pages.

It’s amazing how much work I’ve put into them and I’m not sure they reflect that but I’m pleased with the result. It’s been hard work and intensely frustrating at times and working out the simplest action has sometimes taken me days. I’ve enjoyed it and learnt a lot. My main challenge is coming up with fun, new ideas that attract people’s attention. I’m looking forward to the festival next week plus the events planned for later this summer. I think these will give me some great creative input and ideas.

Prequels, Sequels and …Peequals?

I’d never heard of a peequal before until a friend forwarded this to me. I think it looks great – like a giant children’s toy. It is entirely not that and is, in fact, a new design for women’s outdoor toilets made of recycled material. It’s designed for festivals and events and ‘seats’ 6 at a time. It looks like it could spin (but it doesn’t) and that would not be practical! You can read more here if you’re interested:

I’m not sure I’d be keen to use one myself although I think the idea’s good. I imagine they will be easy to spot at least – love the colours.

Photo credit: Peequal