United in one ‘movement’

My grandma used to eat a lot of prunes. Apparently they are great for ‘movements’ (of the bowel variety) as they have a lot of fibre in them. I’ve never tested this myself.

I had this idea for my social media – the five Olympic Rings as toilet seats. I think it just about works. I had never thought about what they actually mean or symbolise before this moment. They symbolise the unity of the five continents in the Olympic movement and were invented in 1913 by Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games.


Nearly snapped

I spent today at a food festival in Cambridge (which is a great place). Not particularly busy but a good location and I think that things will pick up tomorrow when many people aren’t working.

I stood in the field yesterday trying to put up a new, smaller tent and after industriously working,, sweating in the heat for about an hour,, one of the tent poles snapped and the whole thing pinged into a shapeless mess. It took a great deal of will power not to walk away as I stood there holding it up. I was thinking the whole thing might have to go in the bin but managed to find someone to help cut a tiny piece of broken pole off the cord inside then jam the broken end (now slightly shorter) into the other side.

Another 20 minutes of sweating and untangling the mess and I had a tent. I nearly walked away twice from what may have seemed an insignificant task but I persevered and it worked out OK. I think the duct tape helped (thank you to the nice man at the gin van for that!).


Feeling a bit ‘amber’

We’re green for go as lockdown lifted (for the most part) here in the UK today. Despite rising Covid rates the verdict was that we’re good to go and it’s a case of now or never.

I intend to remain cautious – not just for myself but for my friends and family and because I wouldn’t feel comfortable carrying on as ‘normal’ anyway. I went out and about today and wore a mask as if it was still lockdown. There were actually quite a few people doing likewise (we’ve had quite high rates here fairly recently).

It’s not I’ve anything against the rules lifting and I appreciate it’s important for many people and businesses. My main concern is that we may end up going backwards which would defeat the whole purpose of what everyone’s done so far.

So I’m going for amber and not green.


The bigger picture

I’ve what I would call a ‘busy brain’ – a double-edged sword which can be useful or a total disaster, depending on what I’m focussed on at the time. I’m trying to be better at using it positively and productively but that’s not always the case.

A couple of nights ago I had a bit of a creative moment where I saw a bigger picture in terms of travel and personal hygiene and my key message ‘stay safe and go’. I got asked for some random hygiene items at the last festival and it got me thinking about the Wickham festival (where I’m taking Privvi in August) and all the things people might need when they’re camping. There’s a lot. I often forget items when I’m away and it’s usually my toothbrush. I’m planning to sell things like plasters, nappies, suncream, deodorant and toothbrushes (of course).

I like the idea that Privvi isn’t just about toilets but it’s about bathrooms, hygiene and self-care plus being on the move. I need to develop this concept. I like the idea of a pop-up shop for events where you can get everything you need on the go. Maybe I can get a vehicle or something more mobile.

I need help on my Privvi stand on Saturday 7th August if anyone is in or near the Hampshire area (or knows anyone who might like a days work)?


What next?

With the Covid rules set to lift from Monday it’s difficult to know what things are going to be like going forward. A bit of a journey into the unknown. I think it would be foolish to assume that life will return to normal but hopefully we’re going in the right direction. The increasing levels of cases and variants are still a concern for many people so I suspect there will be a fair amount of caution amongst some.

I’m wondering what the immediate future holds for Privvi as a toilet hygiene pack. During the pandemic it’s use was very clear but I wonder how fussed people will be now. I’ve always had a hygiene issue with public loos but will going to the toilet be the same for most now we’ve lived through the reality there’s a potentially fatal virus being transmitted through the population? Will it go away now or will it be present forever mutating into different variants over the years? And what does winter hold for us this year? I guess we’ll find out fairly soon.

Here’s Privvi in the Pug and Pussycat gift shop in Southwold. On the front desk and standing out well amongst the gifts : )


A bit of patriotism

I’m not a big fan of football – in fact I find it quite irritating to watch – especially when the players fake injury when tackled. Is that just me? It’s like watching a sporting drama and it would be so much better if they just manned-up and played the game.

Despite my indifference to the game itself, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride in England’s latest achievements. They’ve done unusually well and I feel it should be acknowledged. I tried to make a promo pic for my Privvi social media but the light wasn’t good enough so I couldn’t get the right angle. Probably best I did a test run as I have the wrong flag! Will try to shoot it again tomorrow.

My hip procedure went well yesterday (in case you were wondering).


Stranger than fiction

Extraordinary news last night – I couldn’t make up if I was writing fiction. 

I’m in hospital tomorrow for my (WD40) hip injection under general. They did an Mri scan to check things beforehand and my consultant called yesterday regarding the results. They’ve spotted a 35mm round cyst in my pelvis and I’m FREAKED out. I’ve been referred to my GP for further investigation.

It’s the size that bothers me plus the notion that this entity has invaded my ‘space’. It’s size plus my age doesn’t bode well but it will be what it is. I feel strange about it as I’ve been through a fair amount of medical drama at this point so I’ve become a little numb to it. I have to admit that writing this made me feel better.

Work’s going well. I’m at a food festival with Privvi in Cambridge the week after next. I’ll keep you posted…


To the max

My accident has changed my attitudes to some things and I feel quite resolved to making the most of every opportunity I can now, especially in terms of work. This is good and bad as I’m finding myself increasingly busy.

I now have five Privvi events lined up for this summer and as well as the work around the product I now design and edit a fitness magazine every month. I really enjoy that and it’s been brilliant to get back to editorial work.


I’m interviewing for a part time role (just 1o hours per week) with a friend’s educational training business so things may get even busier. Finding the time and head space to write my blog can be tricky so I’ve decided to take a bit of pressure off and scale it down to 1, maybe 2 posts a week. I’m aiming for Fridays plus I’ll also post if I’ve time or want to share something special. I won’t stop – I’d miss it too much!


Refresh your day?

Thought I’d share this delicious drink with you – it says ‘refresh your day’ on the bottle. Yes – it IS a drink (and not swampy frog spawn water). It’s lemongrass with Basil seed and we’re going to try it later.

A Japanese friend took me to a shop selling world foods today (I’m very fond of Japanese fare) and the place was full of all sorts of fascinating delights. Amongst more sensible purchases I bought a packet of dried fish snacks that I’m going to serve to friends this Saturday. They’re actually small, round whole dried fish covered in sesame seeds. Delicious and crunchy? Hoping I’m brave enough to eat one.

Making great progress with festival bookings. I’ll give an update later in the week.


Hello from Henley

Early post today as I have to go to hospital for an X-ray and Mri scan on my hip (luckily it held up for Saturday). Here’s a promo video I managed to do – it was sunny for most of the day then rained heavily for about half an hour. Apparently the man selling plastic rain ponchos (at £5 each) made a grand! Had a really great day and a it was the perfect place for a test run to start us off.