Could I become ambidextrous?

At some point this year I’m due to lose the use of my right hand for about two months when I have my operation again. At the end of that time hopefully I’ll be able to use it but it depends if it is successful. After all I’ve been through it’s hard to let myself imagine that will be the case but I’ll go for it.

I’m really busy with work now and it occurred to me, a few days ago, that I’m not going to be able to use my mouse with my right hand during the time following the op. This’s actually quite a problem and something I need to plan for.

I’ve decided to train myself to use my mouse with my left hand which I tried today. It feels really strange and confusing but based on what I’ve read and my experience from last year, it is possible to do it over several months. It makes sense and will be useful anyway. Perhaps I will become ambidextrous (which can’t be a bad thing).

Published by AnnaH

My name's Anna and I decided to write a blog following an accident last year. I will never regain the full use of my right hand and an operation led to additional, ongoing complications. This is about my struggles following the accident and the challenges of trying to save the use I still have in my hand. It’s a story about my product and why it appeared in my head one day because of my traumatic experiences. How I took that positive vision and worked towards bringing it to life. The challenges of putting it together and getting it to the market whilst still undergoing debilitating, ongoing treatment. It's a journey you can share with me. I'm not there yet...

2 thoughts on “Could I become ambidextrous?

  1. I recall at some point reading an article that when we force ourselves to act against what we are accustomed to, it actually exercises the brain and helps in growth and lessens the chances of age related illness.


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