I’m going live

Tomorrow morning at 11am I’m going to be doing a live Instagram interview about Privvi and why I made it with a lovely lady called Fi Burge who runs a company called BGifted. Fi’s background is in retail for the gift industry and she worked with me on some consultancy sessions to help me get Privvi up and running. Her help has been invaluable and much appreciated. It’s been key to get advice on some of the essential tasks involved in taking an idea from concept to realisation.

Looking forward to it and hoping I don’t say something stupid or weird! You can watch it here:


Published by AnnaH

My name's Anna and I decided to write a blog following an accident last year. I will never regain the full use of my right hand and an operation led to additional, ongoing complications. This is about my struggles following the accident and the challenges of trying to save the use I still have in my hand. It’s a story about my product and why it appeared in my head one day because of my traumatic experiences. How I took that positive vision and worked towards bringing it to life. The challenges of putting it together and getting it to the market whilst still undergoing debilitating, ongoing treatment. It's a journey you can share with me. I'm not there yet...

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