The jigsaw

I’ve always viewed my product idea as a giant jigsaw puzzle with no picture to follow. It helped me with the challenge of making something from nothing and to approach it step by step. I’ve found it incredibly complex and overwhelming at times. A very steep learning curve where I’ve often had to immerse myself in something completely unfamiliar and had to focus, engage and understand it. I’ve looked into areas such as product sourcing, Trademarking and Copyright and business insurance. There’s a very long list. I have to admit that I’m more inclined towards creativity than logic so inevitably I find some things easier than others. 

One of the most interesting areas I’ve become involved with is shipping and the logistics of moving goods around. It’s such a key part of the commercial world and quite a specialised area. I’ve had to learn specific shipping terms (often via an emergency Google search) as there’s an expectation from suppliers that you know them. Terms such as Forwarder, EORI number, Bill of Lading and HS code were completely new to me. It’s a bit like another language. It’s a surprisingly complex and stressful job to get products from one side of the world to the other on time. Funnily enough my great, great uncle was Captain of the Cutty Sark (the fastest trade ship of its time) It’s just a shame I’m in the wrong Century to ask for his help!

I think I’ve all my jigsaw corners in place and can now see the picture, even though it’s not quite complete. I’m planning to launch my website and social media in the New Year. Hopefully I won’t have any important pieces missing (fingers crossed).

Published by AnnaH

My name's Anna and I decided to write a blog following an accident last year. I will never regain the full use of my right hand and an operation led to additional, ongoing complications. This is about my struggles following the accident and the challenges of trying to save the use I still have in my hand. It’s a story about my product and why it appeared in my head one day because of my traumatic experiences. How I took that positive vision and worked towards bringing it to life. The challenges of putting it together and getting it to the market whilst still undergoing debilitating, ongoing treatment. It's a journey you can share with me. I'm not there yet...

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